Estamos cambiando la forma en la que el mundo negocia y resuelve sus diferencias


Professor Douglas Stone provided participants with a framework with assessing one’s self before entering a negotiation – the study of the “self” and how it unraveled was the focus of the day.   A step-by-step approach was provided to the participants in order for them to utilize before entering a negotiation that entailed difficult conversations.  Examining the self, managing strong emotions, self-image and many other elements were factored in to the conversation as the discussion of negotiations continued.


Professor Daniel Shapiro continued the work on the “self” with participants learning how to be cognizant of the framework that encompassed the core concerns that human being have; and how those concerns unravel and manifest themselves during the human interactions that occur during difficult conversations in the negotiation process.  Participants were given the opportunity to put theory into practice through role plays, and reflect upon the process with Professor Shapiro at the end of the activity.  Much of the discussion turned to how to become cognizant of those concerns, and apply them to everyday situations with colleagues and family members.

marzo 23, 2016

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