We Are Changing the Way the World Negotiates and Solves Differences


Our Services:

CMI International Group advises and trains individuals and organizations around the world on relationship, negotiation, persuasion, mediation, leadership and conflict resolution issues and the process by which key associations, internal and external, are negotiated and managed. Experience has shown time and again that the ability to negotiate, build, sustain and manage effective, durable relationships is critical in ensuring that an organization’s objectives – immediate and long-range – are met. Our hands-on, in-depth global experience in all aspects of relationship management has made us one of the world’s foremost practitioners of these skills. We continuously draw from and build on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our professionals, and provide proven, practical advice and techniques, implementing them uniquely for each client.

To meet the specific needs of a rapidly growing multi- and international clientele, CMI International Group was incorporated in 1997 as a separate entity from its parent organization, Conflict Management, Inc.  CMI grew out of the highly respected Harvard Negotiation Project, established in 1978 by Roger Fisher, perhaps the world’s best-known expert on negotiation activities. Since 1984, these organizations have worked together, providing guidance and tools for superior relationship management to a distinguished array of clients. In 1997, CMI International Group was founded to offer primarily non-U.S. outfits a comprehensive set of relationship management and negotiation services, including training, consulting and transactional intervention process.


Our Work:

CMI International Group provides public- and private-sector clients the tools needed to maximize strategic relationships. Simply put, the bottom line for any organization is that solid working relationships are vital components for improving and maintaining profitability and effective management on all levels. Our experience has proven that relationships are improved and maintained by a thorough, qualitative and quantitative assessment and application of proven procedures. By employing these tools and techniques developed over years of hands-on practice, CMI International Group helps organizations improve their capacity in managing relationships, negotiating effectively, developing successful strategies and translating them into direct results that not only improve and govern valuable relationships, but also save time, money and resources.

Our relationship consulting efforts are tailored to meet the needs of each client and focus on crafting realistic, readily implemented solutions to critical relationship and negotiation issues. With transactional assistance, whether as non-partisan or partisan advisors, we provide facilitation, mediation, and coaching services to help prepare one or more parties for initial or renewed negotiations with others, internally and externally. CMI International Group’s training services are recognized throughout the world as a proven means of building superior relationship management and negotiation skills on both individual and organizational levels.

Our expertise

CMI International Group brings two sets of resources to its work: time-tested, pragmatic, analytical tools and theories developed through collaborative relationships; and wide-ranging, hands-on experience in the application of this technology. Extensive academic research and a thorough understanding of how people view relationships are applied to the daily conditions and issues surrounding our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to assess and respond to their needs decisively and realistically, and believe it is just as important to listen as to speak. Whether as consultants, advisors or trainers, we work in the same environments as our clients do, and tailor our efforts for immediate applicability to their situations. The foundation for all of our work is a powerful combination of theoretical research and practical experience that can be applied to the entire spectrum of relationship management concerns. Whether designing a training workshop, assisting with a specific negotiation, or consulting on a broad range of organizational relationship issues, CMI International Group employs a collaborative approach, ensuring a careful focus on clients’ objectives. This allows us to improve communication, eliminate unproductive workplace dynamics, craft viable procedures, and build better working relationships. Our commitment to our clients does not end with advice: CMI International Group also works with its clientele to implement changes that will yield tangible results and lay the foundation for managing quality relationships in the future.



Our first and foremost commitment has always been to deliver clients a customized, comprehensive and realistic plan for meeting their relationship management and negotiation needs. As consultants, we work to develop an overall strategy for maximizing the capacity of organizations to obtain the optimal value realized by all parties in important relationships. Whether as non-partisan or partisan advisors for one or more party, we help achieve optimal results from a specific negotiation. And as trainers, we provide the resources necessary to enable individuals and institutions to construct, maintain and enhance successful relationship management skills, even under the most demanding environments. CMI International Group clients profit from an enhancement of their abilities in analyzing and conducting negotiations, managing relationships, accommodating differences within their organizations, and speeding the transfer of knowledge to others within and outside it. With these important advantages comes an increased awareness of the importance and role of relationship management in daily life, as well as the process by which it is governed for maximum benefit. New conceptual frameworks for thinking about associations, and innovative yet realistic approaches to achieving optimal results within them, are also provided. Further, these skills are developed and honed for application in actual working environments, enabling our clients to recall and apply them to their future experiences under any circumstance.