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    Workshop of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Phase 1 copy

    The educational philosophy and working premise is that participants are not beginners in the subject of negotiation and leadership, but with diverse and rich experiences who face daily challenging and complicated problems of persuasion, communication and strategic influence.

    The aim of this workshop is to help participants improve their skills in

    • Negotiation
    • Decision making process
    • Leadership strategies
    • Cultural interactions
    • Persuasion
    • And conflict management process.

    In addition, to preparing and perfecting a methodology to prepare and refine skills for future negotiations and daily labor interactions and complex situations.

    The workshop is designed and oriented to the requirements, needs and challenges of the participants. 

    The objectives are that each participant achieves: 

    • Increase your individual skill as a negotiator, focusing particularly on the handling of situations where both individual achievement and the employment relationship are important.
    • You will learn how to achieve better outcomes at the bargaining table.
    • Help them meet their personal style as a negotiator and explore what techniques and why they might be effective or not
    • Discover how to win, not by defeating the other side, but by helping the other side.
    • Be better prepared to acquire support from your organization as you lead future negotiations.
    • Make a inventory of your personal style and explore why and what their techniques are operational and effective
    • Create relationships, enforcing engagement as “who we are”, “what are we doing”, and “how will we do it”.
    • Share and complement an analytical framework and tools for preparing and conducting negotiations, developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project by Professor Roger Fisher and his collaborators

    To achieve these objectives, the workshop uses a wide variety of tools: 

    • Careful analysis of the negotiation and leadership process
    • Detailed building in every session an ongoing value working in groups
    • Careful analysis of the process of learning from experience to real stages.

    Whether you’re an experienced executive or an up-and-coming manager working in the private or public sector, this program will help you shape important deals, negotiate in uncertain environments, improve working relationships, create more value, and resolve seemingly intractable disputes.

    Good part of the workshop will be devoted to master classes, its main focus will focus on negotiating and analyzing a series of exercises designed to highlight the concepts involved in the negotiation process.

    Negotiation and leadership exercises are taken from different contexts, both legal and personal, business or international, bilateral and multilateral, and developed in groups.

    Show how the application of these tools can help you to increase negotiation and leadership skills, creating value and sustainable relationship helping process in the future.

    Workshop schedule will be handed to each participant the first day of the workshop.

    “Negotiation and Conflict Management Workshop”


    September 24 – 25 of  2013


    At Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon

    5500 Blue Lagoon Drive Waterford Of, Miami, Florida, 33126, USA


    With simultaneous translation


    1. Check the validity of your passport and visa for entry into United States for those who require it.
    2. At the airport, the first step is to pass through immigration customs. You will be asked for the reason for your visit, for which we recommend responding that you are in the country as a tourist, for business for a conference. Remember that the workshop is only 16 hours long and does not require a student visa.
    3. The hotel offers a courtesy bus from the Miami International Airport that cost U.S. $10. Please call hotel for information. Most taxis are metered, and POS to pass a credit card. However, it is safer to have cash at hand.
    4. We recommend you leave your passport, airline tickets and any valuables in the hotel safe.
    5. Due to the dynamics of the work, remember that it is essential to be on time and attend the workshop. To avoid interrupting the instructors, cell phones should be turned off upon entering the classroom.
    6. We suggest you always wear your CMIIG credential, which is handed to you at the beginning of the workshop. This makes it easier for teachers and other participants to identify names.
    7. We suggest traveling with business cards to hand out to the other participants.
    8. Once in Miami, FL the participant’s names will be verified for accuracy to ensure that the participant’s names will appear correctly on the certificates, which will be issued by CMI International Group, LLC.
    9. The workshop location is three blocks from Harvard Square Train Station where there are many places for lunch. Lunch time is approximately one hour and half.

    Place and Directions


    Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon

    5500 Blue Lagoon Drive Waterford Of, Miami, Florida, 33126, USA

    TEL: 1-305-261-3335

    FAX: 1-305-261-1223



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    CMIIG Telephone: 

    CMIIG headquarters   (617) 547-4610

    Vania Calderón          (617) 593-9954


    From Miami Int’l Airport, FL

    1. Depart from Miami Int’l Airport, FL (0.7 mi.)
    2. Keep straight onto NW 21st St (0.2 mi.)
    3. Take ramp right for SR-953 South toward Coral Gables (1.1 mi.)
    4. Take ramp right and follow signs for SR-836 West (1.2 mi.)
    5. Take ramp right and follow signs for SR-959 South (0.4 mi.)
    6. Turn left onto Blue Lagoon Dr (0.3 mi.)
    7. Arrive at Blue Lagoon Dr on the right (0.0 mi.)
    8. Distance from Hotel: 3.9 mi.

    From Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Int’l Airport, FL

    1. Depart Terminal Dr (0.1 mi.)
    2. Bear left onto road (0.1 mi.)
    3. Keep left toward Terminal Dr (0.1 mi.)
    4. Bear right onto Terminal Dr (0.3 mi.)
    5. Take ramp right for I-595 West toward Florida’s Turnpike (2.9 mi.)
    6. At exit 10B, take ramp right for I-95 South toward Miami (22.2 mi.)
    7. At exit 3A, take ramp right for SR-836 West toward Miami Int’l Airport (5.6 mi.)
    8. Take ramp right and follow signs for SR-959 South (0.4 mi.)
    9. Turn left onto Blue Lagoon Dr (0.3 mi.)
    10. Arrive at Blue Lagoon Dr on the right (0.0 mi.)
    11. Distance from Hotel: 32.1 mi.

    Travel Time: 39 min.

    General Instructions

    1. Workshop hours will be from 8:30 a.m. (starting time) to 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (the end of the day depends on the dynamics or discussions), with breaks during the morning 10:30 a.m., lunch 12:15 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. and afternoon break 4:00 p.m..
    2. On Wednesday September 24, the workshop will begin at 8:00 am with the presentation of credentials and background materials.
    3. On Thursday, September 15, class will end at 1:00 p.m.. Following the luncheon will begin the closing of the workshop and the delivery of certificates, which are provided by CMI International Group, LLC and will be held at Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon
    4. No formal dress is required during the course of the Workshop. However, the Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon, where the closing lunch will be held, requires formal dress for the occasion.
    5. When selecting the clothes to travel, you should note that the date coincides spring temperatures, however, the heating inside buildings are strong in enclosed spaces and public transport.
    6. It is advisable to wear comfortable light clothes, for greater certainty we recommend to check the “weather forecast” for the temperature for the workshop week by visiting http://www.weather.com and selecting Miami, FL.

    Below you will find a number of questions you may have in the process of your participation to our Workshops, and always you are welcome to contact us for further questions:


    1. How I can book my quota?

    • The quota will be reserved by those who have completed the Registration form and paid the sign of their tuition.
    • Where quotas are complete before the first registration deadline (September 13, 2013) be given priority to those who have completed full payment of their tuition.

    2. How I can process my registration?

    • Please search the Registration form, fill it with all the info and choose a payment method.
    • You can also do this by contacting your nearest office or staff can assist you in the process.

    3. How I can make my reservation of accommodation?

    • Select on the Hotel Reservation form the Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon, your arrival and departure date, room type and complete the details of international credit card to guarantee it. CMIIG process it will handle.

    4. How to choose where to stay?

    Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon


    5. Where is the Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon located?

    • The Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon is located in the city of Miami: 5500 Blue Lagoon Drive Waterford Of, Miami, Florida, 33126, USA.


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    6. What is the airport I arrive?

    7. What is the suggested attire?

    • Suggested dress is casual except for the first day shall be taking the group photo and lunch closing, which will be formal (jacket and tie for men).

    8. Will I have time during the event, to explore Miami and its surroundings?

    • We recommend that those wishing to explore more of the City of Miami and its environs, arrive early or stay longer after completion of the program, because, during it, it will be difficult to have more extra time to walk.

    9. How will the weather be?

    • Miami is a warm city in the winter and the opposite during the summer. The workshop will be held early summer, so surely we have a hot and wet weather with a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees. More info …

    The investment for this workshop is in U.S. dollars or the equivalent currency of the country of registration:

    USD: $999 For registrations until September 13, 2013
    USD: $1,100 For registrations after September 13, 2013

    The investment includes:

    • Handbook
    • Materials
    • Books of each presenter
    • Refreshments
    • Final reception
    • Lunch and presentation of certificates at Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon
    • Simultaneous translation – English to Spanish
    • Enrollment
    • Support materials
    • Tour to the city
    • Tour to the University
    Payment Options:

    Payments are to be made in U.S. dollars, by bank transfer to the CMIIG account at the Bank of America or Cambridge Portuguese Credit Union. 


    727 Massachusetts Avenue

    Cambridge, MA. 02138 -USA

    Phone: (617) – 324 – 6307

    ABA #:             026009593 (Domestic)

    Swift Code:    BOFAUS3N (International)

    Name:            CMI International Group, LLC.

    Account:          004639999740


    493 Somerville Avenue

    Somerville, MA. 02143 – USA

    Phone: (617) – 547 – 3144


    ABA #:             211381673

    Name:            CMI International Group, LLC.

    Account:         622558320

     Credit cards

    Payment may also be made by credit card in our website enrollment form

    To request authorization forms, contact info@cmiig.com or your local country representative.

    Cash Payments

    Cash payments are directly handled by your local representative.

    Registration form is available at:

    Negotiation and Leadership Workshop

    Payment Plan:

     You can also choose the payment plan by asking your nearest office or your local representative

    Certificate issued by CMI International Group, are accredited by the Harvard University teaching faculty.
    The enrollment fee does not include transportation, hotel, extra meals or other expenses during your stay.
    • In the event of cancellation, Please refer to the cancellation policies. 
    • Registration will not be complete until the enrollment fee is paid in full.
    • Complete enrollment fee must be received by our offices before September 13, 2013.

    Each participant can stay wherever you want. Reservations at Homewood Suites by Hilton Miami-Airport/Blue Lagoon will be managed directly by the participant: 


    To request a reservation must include in its listing of hotel reservation, the following information:
    • Hotel selected
    • Date of arrival and departure
    • Room type
    • If you share the room, you must indicate with whom
    • Data from an international credit card, including: Type (MC, VISA), number, verification code (digits located on the back, over the signature area) and expiration date
    • The information in the credit card is required by the Hotel for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the booking, the payment will be made through this or any other form of payment, when the guest leave the hotel
    • Reservations canceled or changed out of date may have additional chargesPlease select your reservation


      All professionals and executives:

    • CEOs
    • General managers
    • Directors of public agencies
    • Board members
    • Corporate consultants
    • Medical center directors
    • Social leaders
    • Political leaders
    • Religious leaders

    Involved in negotiation, leadership and frequent interaction with transactions social, economic and political and strategic influence either holding positions in business, government or developing their business independently.

    The master classes are structure shared with participants, Model emerged Negotiation Project at Harvard University, its most recent developments and their application in the field by CMI International Group.

    These classes will be taught by professors from Harvard University, members of the Harvard Negotiation Project: CMIIG consultants  will be assisted.

    Another part of the workshop will be led to the study of cases from different contexts and for analysis in a group that will allow experimentation with the model of negotiation and implementation, in the process of its own repertoire of skills.

    The discussion and collective review to be held in working groups enable the exchange of ideas and experiences very enriching, in turn, generate a continuous self-assessment method.

    The days of class, therefore, be highly dynamic and participatory daily tasks will be assigned as reading and preparing for the next day exercises that require one to two hours of extra work.

    For the success of the workshop and the normal development of the program requires:

    • Prompt attendance at all workshop activities 
    • If you have to leave for one or more days, shall notify any member of CMIIG. 
    • To be considered a participant at the workshop must meet all registration requirements. 
    • Extra services can offer CMIIG support of their participation (hotel, transportation from airport to hotel, etc.).

    Cancellation Policy:

    • In the event of force majeure, we reserve the right to modify the workshops in order to meet objectives, and to turn down registrations due to limited space. 
    • Participants who have registered and paid in full who give thirty (30) days advance notice of non-attendance, You will receive a credit of 70% towards any future workshop, this credit will expire in 12 months. 
    • Participants who have registered and paid in full, and give fifteen (15) days advance notice of non-attendance will receive a 50% credit toward a future workshop, to expire in 6 months. 
    • Participants who give no advance notice will forfeit the entire amount paid. 
    • CMIIG is not responsible for any unforeseeable events which may prevent your attendance. 

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