We Are Changing the Way the World Negotiates and Solves Differences

CMI International Group, LLC.  provides consulting services to:

  1. Individuals and organizations around the world on relationship issues and the processes by which key associations are negotiated and managed.
  2. We assist clients in designing, launching and managing critical negotiations, both internal and external.
  3. Our relationship management consulting services
  4. Resolution of labor-management disputes.

  1. We have seen time and again that the ability to negotiate, build, sustain and manage effective, durable relationships is critical in ensuring that an organization’s objectives – immediate and long-range – are met. Our hands-on, in-depth global experience in all aspects of relationship management consulting has made us one of the world’s foremost practitioners of these skills. We continuously draw from and build on the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our professionals, and offer proven, practical advice and techniques, implementing them uniquely for each client.
  2. Experience has shown that systematic improvement of negotiated results of external relationships often requires internal changes in the organization’s systems, structures and practices that impact decision makers and other relationship managers. CMI International Group identifies these organizational factors, recommends measures that will yield better results and works with client teams in implementing and monitoring these changes. We help manage critical organizational relationships both internal and external, and assist in maximizing the outcome of negotiations for our clients.
  3. Our relationship management consulting services generally produce a system-wide impact. Through the use of our proprietary diagnostic interviews, we cast a wide and deep net, and work to deliver productive change at many levels. These run the gamut from assessing the organization’s identity and core values to analyzing its capacity-building techniques and hierarchical policies and structures.
  4. Although our consultative services cover a wide range of activities as well, a substantial effort is directed to the successful resolution of labor-management disputes. In this regard, we assist organizations in both the public and private sectors in improving the process by which labor and management (or other internal groups) can learn to constructively collaborate and manage differences toward a common goal.