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Training Services

All CMI International Group training efforts are client-specific, focusing solely on the aims and concerns of the particular group of participants involved, and include materials and discussions regarding specific issues they and their organizations face. The foundation for our training services is a powerful, flexible framework developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project, which we have rigorously tested and refined. It can be applied to the broad spectrum of negotiation or relationship issues experienced by personnel both within the organization and in dealings with external parties. The majority of our training is conducted through the medium of workshops, offered at a different fases  and advanced level.


  1. In Company Fase I, II, III
  2. Open Workshops Fase I, II, III and advanced
  3. International Workshops unique design at Harvard University: Negotiation, Leadership, Conflict Resolutions and Advanced.
  4. Train the Trainers

 Unique design on particular areas of negotiation effectiveness such as: 

  • Dealing with difficult people and tactics
  • Building long-term, strategic relationships
  • Communicating effectively
  • Managing emotions – Beyond Reason
  • Influencing and persuading others
  • Managing differences in perceptions
  • Managing roles in multy-party negotiations
  • Creating value
  • International negotiations

1. While specific objectives vary from client to client, most seek to provide their people with an opportunity to enhance their abilities in analyzing and conducting negotiations, proactively managing relationships and/or dealing with differences better, and speeding the transfer of that knowledge to others within the organization. At the conclusion of a training workshop, participants will have a heightened ability to negotiate and manage relationships successfully on behalf of themselves as individuals and their organizations. The components of this ability include:

  • An increased awareness of the pervasiveness of negotiation (i.e., how many situations in daily life, both in and out of a work environment, can be thought of productively as negotiations);
  • The process by which they and others negotiate, manage and build relationships and deal with differences;
  • New conceptual frameworks for thinking about issues and preparing to negotiate;
  • New approaches to handling these challenges;
  • Improved skills (developed through feedback received during simulations and exercises); and
  • An ability to learn from their future experiences

Before designing a specific training workshop, we discuss with the client perceptions of what the program should be, including:

  • Specific needs prospective participants have;
  • What kind of program is most appropriate given their knowledge, skill, experience and prior negotiation training;
  • What types of materials would be most useful in enhancing participants’ negotiation skills in the context of their broad-ranging responsibilities and complex working environment; and
  • Whether CMI International Group professionals, the client’s employees or a combination of both will be the program’s facilitators.

2. At the organizational level, improved results may require the type of training services described above. At the individual level, improved results often require changed behavior. To that end, teams of CMI INTERNATIONAL GROUP facilitators:

  • Help individuals increase their awareness of what they are currently doing and of the intuitive frameworks embedded in their negotiation style
  • Provide them with new analytic tools and strategies for getting things done, and 8 coach them in gaining the competence and confidence needed to do things in a new and more effective manner.

In designing any training engagement, we recommend beginning with a diagnostic phase during which we can gain a thorough understanding of the client’s business, internal working dynamics, and the specific challenges they face in managing negotiations and critical relationships.

This allows us to build with the client a workshop, or a series of educational interventions, which are very focused on the client’s specific needs and problems. ”Training Programs” take the form of everything from a three day stand-alone workshop to an entire integrated curriculum.

Depending on what we jointly learn in the diagnostic phase, we can create any number of in first class workshops, out of class “reinforcement events” or tools to enable people to best apply what they have learned. For individual skill improvement, CMI INTERNATIONAL GROUP strongly believes in experiential and case based learning.

3. Our unique design of our International Workshops In Negotiation, Conflict Resolutions, Leadership, Persuasion taught at the campus of the Harvard University for our oustanding faculty memebers of Program on Negotiation at Harvard University
4. Our service menu is constantly expanding to reflect the increased need for diverse and specialized aspects of negotiation skills and relationship management by our clientele and the world. We also offer “train the trainer” courses for imparting these techniques to selected in-house personnel, as well as immersion courses for specific situations requiring immediate and in-depth relationship management applications.