We Are Changing the Way the World Negotiates and Solves Differences

Coaching Assistance

CMI International Group offers coaching assistance services in the following areas: facilitating, mediating or monitoring one particular event, or “transaction”.  Whether it be an armed conflict of a international scope or a procedural dispute between groups within a specific company. When there is a specific matter involving key relationships that otherwise typically would be addressed through conflict or litigation, third part assistance is offered through a coaching venue.
In rendering these services, we act primarily as partisan advisors, facilitators and trainers in a collaborative session with the client that is aimed at delivering workable solutions for the specific event. Our intervention may or may not have a system-wide impact. In most cases, CMI International Group’s involvement and influence is limited to one or more parties’ objectives, although we do act as advisors to all sides and instances when deemed appropriate and in keeping with the desired outcome of all parties.
Our transactional assistance menu covers three distinct services, which may be utilized individually or in tandem with each other to cover any particular transaction. These are:

•Planning and preparing, in conjunction with the client, for strategic negotiations;

•Facilitating the actual negotiations themselves; and

•Mediating the conflict.