We Are Changing the Way the World Negotiates and Solves Differences


CMI International Group, LLC was incorporated as a separate entity from its parent organization; CMG and Conflict Management, Inc. CMIIG grew out of the prestigious Harvard Negotiation Project, established in 1983 by Roger Fisher and other colleagues; world renowned expert on negotiation activities.  Since 1984, these organizations have worked together providing guidance and proven strategic methods to address conflict with less stress while maintaining and managing relationships within a win-win framework.


In 1997, CMI International Group, LLC was founded to provide comprehensive workshops on a global scale that entailed effective management, negotiation, persuasion, leadership, mediation services, consulting and third party intervention.  In addition to offering a comprehensive package of services, CMI also meets with individual clients to discuss how to best address their negotiation needs.


Our main office is located at the “The Roger Fisher House”, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. with international strategic alliances in more than 12 countries and commercial representations around the world.