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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with proven strategic methods of addressing conflict with the focus on developing mutually beneficial relationships within the professional and personal areas of life.

CMIIG will introduce individuals how to conceptualize a win-win framework within the contexts of negotiation, mediation, effective communication and leadership within their respective organizations, and outside affiliates while achieving goals through collaboration with less stress, while maximizing the power of relationships.


Every year the world becomes more technologically advanced and relationships are quickly formed in a manner that was not possible just a few decades ago.  As a result, companies and organizations both public and private, operate in environments of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence. Corporate strategists and organizational design experts have noted that the ability to effectively create and manage strong working relationships with other organizations is an increasingly critical component of competitive advantage.
Businesses and organizations operate and compete within a complex and dynamic network consisting of customers, suppliers, competitors, and other factors that directly impact their ability for profit.   Many of the entities with which a company or organization interacts with may include two or more of these roles simultaneously, and thus increases the challenges associated with addressing and maintaining positive relationships.  Relationships between vendors and their suppliers have changed contextually. The interactive model of “vendor-supplier” is being replaced.  Companies look for suppliers who participate more like partners, and resemble their client base.  The ability to optimize strategic relationships and negotiations that govern them are essential for current and future financial success.
Businesses whose success depends on the effective management of interdependence among groups that may include organizations, in addition to employees, the negotiation has come to mean more than achieving a signed contract or a creation of a union between transient businesses.  This has become the model of interaction with all parties. CMI will show you how to have success in business and within the relationships that make-up the business in a manner that is conducive to prolonged success.
When conceptualizing about negotiating from the framework of one on-one –one, in which one person loses and the other wins may lead to a favorable short term outcome, but more often impedes on long term success.  Negotiating occurs on all levels throughout an organization, from purchasing agents to senior managers of partnerships and across a full range of interfaces.  It is through a myriad of individual and /or group negotiations that decisions are made.  Thus, history has shown that the ability to manage relationships and conduct negotiations for greater value, determine in large measure the welfare and profitability of corporations and organizations.

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