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Un nuevo peldaño en la carrera de Feya Hillel

CMI International Group, LLC, was delighted to have in our internship program to a beloved and exceptional professional  Feya Hillel.

Feya is a graduate of Brandeis University, where she majored in Islam and Middle Eastern Studies. Prior to that she interned with Yossi Beilien in the Knesset and worked at Outward Bound instructing wilderness expeditions in Minnesota and Argentina. Feya is originally from Tel-Aviv and is She has an MBA in Coexistence and Conflict at Brandeis University.

She finish Her internship in CMIIG on November 10, 2012, and she left our organization to go back home (Israel).

Since May 2012 Feya was in charge to support in diferent areas of the company, CMIIG granted Her a special permission on her intership as She was selected to be a trainer for the training team at OFA –VA (President Obama Campaing), where she serves in a variete of trainings.

Those entire six months was a unforgettable journey for our organization and Feya show a full support during every single project She was involved ,and has proved to be one of the best interns in that period. She taught us the importance to make quick decisions and resolve any issue without creating another conflict.

I am really proud and thankful of your accomplishments and have always admired your ability to interpret professional research in a way that made sense to everyone. I always remember when we were trying to put things together and you step out to take charge and make that possible, also you landed our exceptional Internship program for those new individuals whom want to gain experience and be part of this family.

On behalf of our entire company We wish you the best luck in future and lots of blessings for your new endeavor,  I know we are planning a new task for you, and we will great to announce here. We all together as a team are proud to have you, and we as a company can never forget skills which you have taught to make our work simpler. We all will miss your amazing techniques and your support whenever required.

We’re expecting to hear good things from you in the future. Keep up the outstanding record.

CMI International Group, LLC

marzo 23, 2016

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