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CMI International LLC, ALERT


To all our clients, followers and the negotiation and conflict resolution community, we would like to alert that the company with domain name: www.cmiigroup.com is not relate to us in any capacity, even they use our name CMI International Group.

Operating since 1997, CMIIG is an Unites States company with a Federal and State Registration, and  our domain name is www.cmiig.com register in 1997, and currently our central office is located in “The Roger Fisher House” , 9 Waterhouse Street, Cambridge, MA.  02138 phone: 617-547-4610.

The only workshops that we conduct are the ones shown on our website. We are not responsible for any other workshops advertised anywhere else, unless have our mark and our country representatives  autorization.

Please if you have any questions and concerns you can email us at:  info@cmiig.com, or call us to our direct line.

April 19, 2017

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