We Are Changing the Way the World Negotiates and Solves Differences

Javier CalderónJavier Calderón is a CEO and Managing Director of CMI International Group, LLC, and an International consultant and trainer in Negotiation, leadership, conflict resolutions, persuasion. He has study Financial Auditing at UMSA and is a former Navy Officer in his native Bolivia. He has studied basic and advanced negotiation, conflict resolutions at Harvard Law School as well as part of the CMIIG group,he worked as an Office and Financial Director in Cambridge, MA. for 9 years. Before joining CMI International Group, LLC Mr. Calderón has counseled numerous businesses and organizations in Latin America on the topics of security policies and strategic planning. He worked for diverse companies in USA as development specialist, labor training and Human Resources Director.He advised and trained parties,in mediation and negotiation strategies, conflict resolutions in the United States throughout Latin America. Save and implementing procedures in security policies, repair outsourcing relationships, organize civil societies, support coordination for a non profits organization. Since 1998 He has the responsibility for the overseeing of Latin American negotiation workshops conducted at Harvard University, where Professors Guhan Subramanian, Brian Mandell, Sheila Heen, Daniel Shapiro, Debbie Goldstein, James Coan, among others conducting the workshops.